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My debut poetry collection I Still Go to Bed with Water is OUT NOW from Unsolicited Press!

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045e09e2-278f-4880-bd95-25139a122da1-1Publication Date: September 20, 2022.


PRAISE for I Still Go to Bed with Water

“Melanie Sevcenko is a luminous poet. Her work is deft and revealing, gorgeous with texture. I Still Go To Bed with Water is deeply moving, both tender and dark, soft as silk and jagged as broken glass.” 

– Victoria Gosling, author of Before the Ruins


“The work of I Still Go To Bed with Water is both playful and emotionally ambitious. Sevcenko’s poems set human relationships spinning – their subjects crash into each other, reach for one another across time zones, or reappear in the long trails of memory smoke. I found much to appreciate and revisit in this fine, nimble debut.”  

– Elena Passarello, author of Animals Strike Curious Poses



ABOUT for I Still Go to Bed with Water

I Still Go to Bed with Water sets its readers loose and untended, like the wild critters from a menagerie of collected memories. One day cooped up, the next fending for themselves in oddness. But oddness and strange intimacy is the resting temperature of this collection. Each poem is a type of pit stop – from childhood solitude to foreign corners and over to heartbreak – where we glimpse from the road what once was and how it becomes something entirely different in the rearview. Embracing humor and gratitude – and even Burt Lancaster – the language here is at turns cryptic, precise, sometimes German, and other times nodding to the flowers of the Romantics. I Still Go to Bed with Water is an ode to the resounding perfection of imperfect memory.